Im Vorbeigehen. Contemporary Art at KU Linz

Each term an artist is invited to leave visual traces at chosen places within the grounds of the University, thereby presenting a collection of different artistic positions, media and content. Among the artists included were, Lorenz Estermann, Maja Vukoje, Julius Deutschbauer and Birgit Petri.

From 2000 to 2012 the exhibition series was curated together with Johanna Schwanberg, since 2013 together with Julia Allerstorfer. In 2011 the first nineteen contributions, and theoretical reflections, were published under the title Was spricht das Bild?. Since then the series continues under the heading Im Vorbeigehen II.

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Museum and Urban Space

In the context of the European Cultural Month Linz 1998 we undertook an artistic research exploring the institutional and social area between the Riverside Church and Ars Electronica Center. Twelve national and international artists, including Ivan Kafka, Flora Neuwirth, Imogen Stidworthy and Martin Walde, were invited to take part in the projekt, developing site specific interventions in the form of objects, installations and videos. The urban space project, which was curated together with Johanna Schwanberg, resulted in an  edited volume, that was conceptualized together with Richard Ferkel, and which both describes the individual art works and theorizes them from sociological, art historical, theological and philosophical perspectives.

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As part of the role as co-curator (together with Peter Kraml, ORF Linz) for the city of Linz, artworks by emerging artists were not just acquired but also continually presented under the heading augenstücke (pieces for the eye).